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About the Images


At least eighty per cent of the images in the Library are transparencies shot on professional film stock of 100 ISO - mainly Fuji (e.g. Provia and Velvia) but some on Kodak. They are in 35mm, 6x7cm and 6x6cm formats.

The remainder are original digital images taken with a professional digital SLR camera. Most new additions to the Library will be digital.

Many of the transparencies in the Library have been scanned already - with a high-quality scanner - and this process is ongoing.

File names

Numbers before letters indicate scanned 35mm transparency i.e. 123AB

Letters before numbers indicate scanned medium format transparency (7x7cm or 6x6cm) i.e.AB123

DIG indicates original digital image i.e.DIG123FT

CR means cropped i.e. 123ABCR

CRE means the original image has been digitally manipulated and is in the “Creative” category i.e. 123ABCRE


At present there is no search facility on this site using the keywords shown under an image’s caption but they may prove useful in indicating the subject category or a related category (even if there is no such related category in the Library).

Miscellaneous Images

In some cases these are 'one-offs' included in case they meet a particular requirement of a site visitor and therefore do not necessarily signify that there are more or similar shots of the subject in the Library.

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